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Lincoln Science Center and Planetarium

Welcome to the Lincoln Science Center and Planetarium.  Currently, we will only be offering educational experiences to Spartanburg County School District 6 students and parents. 
Teachers: You can book an appointments for either use of the Lincoln Science Center or science instruction at your school.   Appointments could be for individual classes, groups, or even after school.  When you are filling out the information to book your appointment, in the appointment notes section please include details of what instruction you wish to be covered. Below is the google calendar so you can see when times are available.
Parent Nights: Throughout the school year parents will have an opportunity to visit the Lincoln Science Center in the evenings to experience the same lessons their children will have the following week.  Please reserve your seating as we will have limited seating (108) per session. There are four session are available for each grade level: 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm.  Here are the tentative dates.
3rd Grade - September 10 (ready for reservations)
1st Grade - October 1 (ready for reservations)
6th Grade - October 15
7th Grade - October 22
8th Grade - October 28
5th Grade - November 7
4th Grade - January 14
2nd Grade - February 6
Please pull down the right side of the school and park in the lot behind the school.  You should pass the Lincoln Science Center on your left.