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Student Organizations

Student Organizations

Student Activities & Clubs

Fairforest Middle offers several different types of activities and clubs for students. These activities and clubs offer students opportunities to engage with others who have the same interests and abilities. At FMS, we offer the following activities and clubs to inspire students to grow and learn together outside of normal classroom interactions.

Extended Day Enrichment Program: aimed at helping students achieve higher testing scores and increase their overall aptitude.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA): the club has meetings in the mornings to encourage the spiritual growth of its members.

Battle of the Brains: competes mentally against other schools in our surrounding area. Their performances can be heard on "Awake with Drake". Fairforest is known to have excellent "trivia buff" students!

Chess Club: meets two mornings a week to learn and enjoy the game of chess.

Student Council: meets once a month in the morning before school. This group of students is involved in service projects and leadership training.

Yearbook Staff: gathers pictures of events, news, students, and faculty for the annual publication of the yearbook.

Amigos Positivos: a unique club that encourages partnership with 26 hispanic 6th grade and high school students. The high school students from Dorman come to FMS and mentor our students.

GEMS (Girls Excelling in Math and Science): a competitive group of 6th grade girls who possess strengths in math and science.

Beta Club: an elite group of students who strive and accomplish great achievements academically.

Doctor Who Club: for "Whovians" of all ages! We explore the Doctor history, ethical questions that arise in episodes, geography and endless possibilities in space and time.

Adopt A Beginner: an after-school tutoring program that allows 8th grade orchestra students to mentor a 6th grade orchestra student who is a beginner player. The 8th grade student gives weekly goals/assignments and offers feedback during the lesson while the 6th grader keeps a record of the progress. This program can also be used for non-beginners in the 6th grade who may be experiencing difficulty in class.

Running Club: Students will learn how to run a 5k event in a fun environment.

Step Team: a group of determined students who work hard to succeed, entertain and represent FMS in a positive manner. Students learn many skills including: rhythm, coordination, self-confidence, patterns, sequencing, voice projection, showmanship, creativity, and performance skills. Step Team members also learn, practice and perform choreography.